Just Stop

The human race is standing on a precipice where there is no going back but possibly no going forward either. At least not without a parachute. All signs are pointing to impending doom, not just a few. Our presence as 6 billion creatures strong is suffocating the earth and we continue to push longevity to new lengths with the help of technology and the fact that our only predators are bacteria and ourselves.

As temperatures skyrocket we feebly hope we can diminish the pollution that fuels global warming while at the same time our increased numbers demand more pollution. The optimists say there is still hope of reversing global warming if we cooperate in shutting down our fossil-powered machines and run them on green energy sources. In other words, there is little hope. The machines and the fossil fuels belong to the ruling class of big business who will relentlessly fight anything that reduces profits. Transforming society to sustainable, clean energy would be extremely expensive.

The obvious solution to the planetary crisis is simply to eliminate the polluters. Eradicate humankind like you would a cancer and the Earth would heal itself effortlessly. Perhaps Ebola was an antibiotic the Earth created for that purpose, but we didn’t see it as that. We worship Homo Erectus too much to see ourselves as a plague in a larger organism. To us, our demise would be a holocaustic disaster. Is that how we interpret the tragedy of the mass destruction of leaves in autumn? Obviously, we think we’re more precious than leaves. We can also deduce that the rotten remains of plants are the foundation of all that is currently living. Can’t we see that the same is true of the next age of life on Earth after our extinction? The way we’ve been underperforming, we may turn out to be less precious than leaves.

Other signs illustrating the abyss before us are of the non-physical types. We are at an impasse in our understanding for one. The universe has gone into reruns. Capitalism must find ways to sell new smart phones that are already hand held computers, televisions and even an AI companion that will answer our questions, play any piece of music ever recorded, guide us to the restaurant, deposit a paper check in our bank, provide a Swiss Army Knife of applications, take photos and movies, connect us to everyone else’s photos, movies and status and one other thing; what was it? Ah! Make phone calls. There isn’t anything new for us to know, just another version of what we’ve already done. I like to write profound revelations that come to me from beyond. Then I read these same heavy-revvies that someone else wrote 3000 years ago. Ponder the plight of television producers who labor in vain to come up with a sitcom with a new premise. The universe has gone into reruns.

Scientifically, we passed the 20th century age of enlightenment ushered in by Einstein and friends that is generally referred to as “Relativity”. The term implies a relationship between this and that. Relativity is yet another sign of what the species was experiencing at the time. The World Wars, global finance and the civil rights awakening, all out-pictured our relationships and how they’d been intensified by technology. The current scientific toy is the next stage of our evolution. They call it the Unified Theory. Bong! Heavy revvie! From relativity to unity. What’s going on outwardly at the same time? – a global consciousness. The Internet is connecting humans like brain cells in a global mind. You can buy Chinese or Russian stocks from your home office at the speed of light. Hell, you can buy them on the beach with your smart phone! Technology is also taking away privacy. You have to build a bunker to get away from cameras and Big Brother can still locate you if you keep your phone with you. In this election cycle, the corruption in campaigning and voting that has always happened is no longer happening in the shadows. There’s a feces-storm of investigations into the mischief of the establishment instigated by a well-connected society who are monitoring the campaigning, voting and electing. You want to spy on us, Big Brother, well, we’re going to spy on you. It’s not fun now, is it, Bro?

This is another billboard pointing to the state of a species that is reaching the end of a road. Like the environment, like atoms that are neither here nor there, like our funny-money that has no substance behind it, we are living a hollow existence that can no longer be sustained. We were able to keep it going when we had faith that it was real, but now we know too much. We sense that we’re on the wrong path but the right path is so far from here, we don’t know how to get back to it. I believe this is described as being lost in the woods. That suggests an interesting option. Build a simple shelter and a fire and look for food.

Since all these convolutions, evolutions and revolutions are pointing in the same direction, the natural thing for us to do is follow their lead. Stop fighting and surrender. We may not have long to live. If we’re ever going to let go of our obsession with a future happiness, this is the best opportunity. If we can see the precious treasure in our hand (that’s faithfully blipping, displaying and notifying) as tomorrow’s piece of junk, maybe we can also relent from the mad charge forward into more refined junk that carries an even higher price. If we agree that there’s nothing down this road we’re on but more disappointment, more debts and more pollution, we can at least slow down the destruction by not wanting more of it. If it dawns on us that this may be as good as it gets, we might sit down in the woods for how ever long we have left and for the first time, perhaps, hear the birds, feel the sunlight streaming through the branches, take a few slow breaths and realize we’re alive now and can be happy now and that that’s the only real thing we’ve ever had.


The Well-oiled Servant

praying man tis.jpg

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!

Jesus said. Jesus saves. Jesus is waiting for me in heaven. Yes, it is again time to say, Is it so? Forget about what I believe. Question what you believe. I believe a lot of people who are supposed to be real live people are imagined characters in a great myth. But I’m here to twist religious people around to give them a different perspective on what they think is real. In fact, let’s first look at how real something is when it’s real. Really!


The main topic of this article is “who or what is Jesus, and who or what is the Christ?” Pilgrims commonly use the term “Jesus Christ” as if it was a man’s first and last name. A few understand that it means “Jesus the anointed.” What does that mean? I’ll get to those questions later. Now I need to calm down that guy who’s fuming because I said, “What is Jesus?”

In what manner does something have to exist to be considered real? Are you real? Stomp on your toes. Yes, you’re real. But is time real? Is trust real? Those are things that have no body but we consider them real. Do myths exist? The Greek stories of gods and goddesses are real. The belief in gods is real. So if it can be mentioned, it is real in some way. One story can be non-fictional and another story fictional, but the latter is still a real story.

Christians are one group that don’t like myths very much even though they believe hundreds of them unknowingly. Many pilgrims have argued with me that Noah actually built an ark and an unseen deity flooded the earth. They think in order to be true, the stories have to be real. Just the opposite is true. A non-fiction book about the American Civil War would carefully use only factual historical events in the story. The story of Achilles was made up, but it was made up with a purpose in mind. The sentences are designed to tell a specific story. The tale of what happened in the Civil War may not have a moral to the story even though one could draw their own conclusions. Not so with the tale of Achilles. The author deliberately fashioned it to teach what happens when someone has a vulnerable spot and thinks it will not affect them. So they charge fearlessly into battle and their small weakness becomes their downfall. So, a myth is in some senses more true than physical and geographical truth.

Stories become great myths when every man finds himself playing one of the characters. That’s truth on a higher level than if I were to read the history of Italians and try to apply it to my life. In modern day mythology, Disney creates one animated movie after another that treats human weaknesses that we all experience. They are universally popular because they speak to the pathos that is common to all.

If you haven’t read my retelling of the Garden of Eden story, you can request it. I’ll load it onto this blog eventually. What Christianity has done with stories like that is contend that it literally happened and that Adam is an ancient human ancestor. They thought, or think they have to for the story to be true. That reasoning is disastrous. Instead of putting yourself in the story as Adam, you blamed Adam for rebelling and putting Eden off-limits to all of us. Thus, you completely miss the lesson.

Did a man named Jeshua Christ walk the earth and die on a wooden cross? This creates the same error as the previous story. If it is a myth showing you the way, the truth and the life, then you won’t find them if you are sitting around waiting for Jesus to come back and show you. Besides, it wasn’t Jesus who spoke that line – it was the Christ.

Jesus is held up by his followers as the cornerstone of Christianity. When you know the myth, you know that Jesus said very little, and by his own admission, did nothing. The man Jesus said: I am nothing. I have no will of my own, no thoughts of my own, no desires and no plan. Everything you see me do, I didn’t do it. The Father did it. What kind of foundation stone is that for a religion? Remember, the pilgrims are called Christians, not Jesusites.

The Christ had much to say and do in the gospel stories: I am the way, the truth and the light. No one comes to the Father except by me. Before Abraham was, I am. Any time he spoke with authority, it was not the man speaking. When the transformed being comes out of the tomb and floats up into the sky, Jesus is no more. Only the eternal Christ lives on. Let me make this point a number of times so that you hear it in different words: It doesn’t matter if that story happened in time and space. It does matter if you don’t also understand it as a metaphor. For example, when I included the Father in this story, I didn’t mean heavenly Dad. Neither did the author of the biblical story. In mythology, Father represents the source, the giver, the seed of life. If all you have in your awareness is a human ghost in robes standing in the clouds, you may as well not read the story.

Forget this forced humility that there’s a difference between Jesus and you, or anybody else. It is written that Christ said: What I have done, you will do, and more. Father make them one with me as I am one with you. So, let’s take the initiative to play our role in the myth. Let’s start following the mythical pattern, which is…..

The names Jesus, Joshua and Jeshua are all the same. They mean “The hand of Jaweh”. With the Hebrew letter, Yod, we know this must be a physical creature. More on this later.

Christ is the Greek word for anointing with oil. This is the heart of the myth. The anointing of Hebrew high priests is another myth with significant spiritual principles implied. The word priest is also important. It means servant (think: humility, dedication). When a priest, like Aaron, Moses’s brother, would anoint himself before going into the Holy of Holies, he would take a flask full of olive oil, myrrh, cinnamon and other fragrant goodies and hold it high over his head. He’d then pour the contents on his head and drench his whole body with oil. It is said the Israelites knew which footprints in the sand were Aaron’s because there were drops of oil on the ground. How he cleaned up before bed must have been interesting.





Oil was also used in the lamps, so it doubled as a fuel. This tells us that the anointing oil symbolizes power. In a menorah, it was power for light. As an anointing oil, it was the power of enlightenment. When the priest/servant held the oil above him and it poured down and covered him completely, it represented receiving power from above. The act of covering him reveals that the priest is nothing but the empty vessel dedicated to the will of the higher power. A vessel that is already full of personality, self-esteem, reputation, needs and desires, cannot receive the power. One who has become nothing, per Jesus’s illustration, can operate as if almighty power was in him.

The error in the last paragraph is that it’s not a higher power. There really only is one power ­— all power, the one infinite power. It’s not a person, it’s consciousness. In our fertile imaginations we have created multiple sources of power as we have imagined many characters living in the spirit realm. But what evidence do we have of gods, devils, virgins, etcetera? Many people rebuke me by claiming that their god answered their prayer. But some pray to Jehovah, others to Shiva, Allah, Bhagavan, Vishnu, the Virgin Mary. Saint Jude is a popular icon for healing requests. Others claim Satan grants their pleas. They can’t all be right.

I realized that these ritual petitions have one essential rule in common – if you don’t have faith that you will receive your request, you get nothing. You must make your desire known without doubting. Is it not possible then that it is your own faith that is manifesting the goods? The Christian instruction is that you believe it is already provided when you ask, even though you don’t see it yet. This is exactly the rule for metaphysical sects who don’t believe in any god. They appear to have eliminated the vendor/delivery boy and acquired the solution on their own purely by positive thinking.

We’ve been fortunate that the principles work even when we add unnecessary fictional people and appendages. I guess if you use the right ingredients and follow the recipe, it doesn’t matter if you mix it in a glass bowl or a clay pot. You will still end up with cake. But why not simplify by eliminating the fantasy and knowing the essentials?

We know there is a spiritual presence of unlimited potential. We exist in a universe that was made from nothing else. We know there is an anointing that puts the power of creation in our hands. We know those hands are limited flesh, but in absolute humility they can be the servants of that unlimited potential. In this, you will find the Creator, the Christ and Jesus, but you will also find yourself. It’s up to you which part you want to identify with. In my mind, Jesus and Vin are the same part ­— the empty channel. The Christ is the flow of the power of creation from the invisible potential into the visible manifestation. What many call god is the reality of that eternal, infinite, never changing, unlimited potential. I do not call it god. I call it the I am that I am.

You can call it that also. You can identify with the Creator. It is your innermost being. It doesn’t matter if your name is Jesus or if Harold be thy name. It’s just a pipe, a tube, a spillway through which we manifest creation. You can identify with the anointed one, the stream that flows from the ocean of consciousness. But if the ocean is one, then being the stream is also being the ocean. It takes some getting used to. You are told you cannot say I am the omni-being. You must bow down to it, you lowly creature. That’s what the religious establishment accused Jesus of doing. Blasphemy they call it. But if it’s the omni-being who is speaking through the human vessel, then it is speaking truth. It’s foolish to believe in an omnipresent being and then somehow put yourself outside of that for the sake of forced humility. There is no place outside of omnipresence, no matter how lowly the establishment wants you to feel.


I appear as a human. I can lay that human down and summon the invisible creative potential out of the realm of spirit into the physical world. I am that spirit.


What do you want to do with unlimited power? The one spirit is love, compassion, generosity… that is what you are free to manifest. Knowing all living things and the presence of the omni-being are one, there is nothing to do but seek to live in peace — with yourself! Here is a lovely poem to put a cap on this. Remember to pour the oil over the cap.

How wonderful and pleasant it is when brothers live together in harmony! For harmony is as precious as the anointing oil that was poured over Aaron’s head, that ran down his beard and onto the border of his robe. Psalm 133.


After Unity

Part One

The main theme of progressive Christian dialogue is Unity. Scientists are talking about the Unified Field too. It’s no coincidence that the last major scientific theory was “relativity”. It feels as though the wholeness we find ourselves swimming in is speaking to everyone. The season of realization has arrived. Like the falling leaves of autumn, this isn’t something we have to make happen. It’s happening to us, independent of our beliefs. In discussion groups who are hearing this call, the reality of oneness is almost universally accepted. This is our cue to stop preaching it and ask, “What’s next?”

For all those who are exchanging the old belief that God is a human-shaped spirit looking down on us, for the more accurate concept of a life force that energizes and binds all things together (thank you George Lucas), the image of Father God in his robes and halo is difficult to uproot. I believe the original idea for a personal God was to make the impersonal force more cozy and familiar so the “it” was turned into “he” and he was appointed our father. It backfired. This fantasy created separation and we adapted our language, hence our thinking, to accommodate the distance. We strove to find God, be closer to God, lead others to God and pray that God be with us. This advanced to separation between you and I and between earth and heaven. This fantasy has been rehearsed for a very long time. It’s ingrained in our neural net and is not going to just disappear. All we can do is be conscious of our thoughts so our words are, as much as possible framed in the awareness that all is One.

Once we created a world where spirit and flesh were separate from and even enemies of each other, we digressed to setting up our soldiers, blue against red, and waged war in every aspect of our life. Now, for the common human, most of his hours are spent in conflict rather than peace. Relationships with others tend to be a struggle. We battle with survival on a financial and intellectual level. Even life itself, rumored to be eternal, has become a fight against death. To undo the error we have to unlearn it. We have to return to the root and unearth it.

Much of my audience are or have been churchgoing folk. I myself have only been Catholic, Lutheran, evangelical, non-denominational, studied Zen Buddhism, Taoism, Existentialism and the Universal Faith of the Nonlabeled. It is to my fellow God-seekers that I offer my thoughts on liberation. First we have to unlearn separation, then go on to unity of thought and deed.

Are you willing to let go of what you deemed sacred in the past, or right now for that matter? Can you take all that was spoken and written to you by man in the name of God and ask: “Is it so?” Have you ever been chastised by an elder for questioning the infallibility of the Bible? Have you considered the possibility that some “truth” can be believed by everyone around you and still be wholly false? Are you ready for a new set of friends to go with your new perspective? Let’s start with this (those who are still here):

The Bible isn’t the Bible. It’s a bible. The Omnipresent One did not give truth to you and yours in the only legitimate collection of scriptures I refer to as the Western Bible. The All in all would not forsake three fourths of earth’s population as well as anyone from other places in the universe or other realms we know not of. Such pride is anti-spiritual. Neither the universe nor the spirit realm revolve around Christianity. The Western Bible, like the Koran, the Vedas, the Bhagavad Gita, the Tao de Ching and many other scripts were written by man. They may still be inspired truths, but so is Jonathan Livingston Seagull, the Wizard of Oz, the Odyssey and a million other classics. Man has also selected the books from Genesis to Revelation and edited out other books. Nothing produced by man is infallible. Even if the text was absolute truth, our interpretation is usually pathetic anyway. We don’t know the truth, only our interpretation of it. If interpretation was simple would there be 150 denominations who use the same book?

The place to find absolute truth is the same place the author of the sacred text found it. It’s inside you. I believe all of it is inside us. Our temporal counterpart, the human, is a veil that obscures omniscience so that only passing shadows of truth can be seen. We walk the path on a quest to sort things out, but what we need to do is gather things together. In a vision I had in the 1970s while meditating, all the separate things of my world began to melt together and I saw the connection between diverse ideas. Then the connection dissolved and all things were just one thing in countless forms. That one thing was crystal clear to me. This experience does not come by thinking hard about it. It comes on it’s own when you stop thinking. The mind of man is part of the veil that shows us shadows of truth, but not as it really is.

Meditation is the ancient tool of choice to suspend the thinking process and melt into wholeness. While thought is suspended, so are the filters that break the universe up into fragments. Without being consciously aware of it, you are then immersed in all wisdom. You have left your shell and swam in the cosmic ocean. The ocean is at rest. There’s nothing to think about, nothing to do. You awaken to an eternal self that already is complete and changeless. The time spent in this state causes radical changes back in the feel world. Regular meditators glide through the daily routine watching events spontaneously fall into place without effort. Or at least that’s how I’ve heard it works. I don’t meditate well, or often. I’m not here to teach it or exhort you to adapt it. I use it as another image of how this spiritual universe operates.

“Take no thought.”

After Unity


Part Two

I believe song writers are the modern day poets and the best of those are prophets living among us. I’ve done a lot of contemplating, beginning in the 1970’s, of the writings of Cat Stevens. As usual, the less popular songs are better than the one’s that make the charts. Tis not an opinion. Shallow is more popular than deep. One such song goes: Oh, if I make a mark in time, I can’t say the mark is mine. I’m only the underline of the Word. This is gibberish to most folks, but for people like me, I could write a book on it. Cat (now Yousef) is saying that our ideas are an echo of the wisdom floating on the breeze for anyone to seize and release as their own original thought. I’ve learned through practice to ponder every thought I allegedly come up with by asking a follow-up question: Where did that come from? This is reiterated in Jonathan Livingston Seagull when, believing he had died and gone to heaven thinks to himself, “Why am I so tired all at once? Gulls in heaven aren’t supposed to be tired or to sleep….Where did I hear that?…” Back on earth, of course. Is it true or is it all opinion based on other opinions base on zero proof?

Yousef entitled one of his albums, IZITSO? Cool title. I try to ask myself that after every single judgment call I make. These might be called, Thoughts on thinking. Would you then qualify them with further thoughts on thoughts on thinking? Where does it end? It ends when you’re satisfied you’ve taken an idea as far as you can go with it, and by you I mean me. I doubt that one in a thousand people know about this procedure, much less become practiced in it. The more time passes, the more homo sapiens devolves into a thinking machine that lets thoughts fly by like frames of a movie without any pondering on validity. Substance, to modern man, doesn’t matter. Life has transformed into a fantasy within a fantasy where all that matters is, Am I entertained? If not, lets move on to the next frame.

Let me take you on a short tour of my fantasy world. Wait a tick…. wouldn’t it be more appropriate in this context to talk about reality? Sure it would, but I don’t presume I know a lot about reality. What do we know about the world that’s beyond the five senses and how much time do we spend there, not counting sleep time? Don’t most people consider the world we experience through the five senses the real world? Don’t you? IZITSO? I think not. I call this earth-bound experience the feel world. Some mystics and experimenters with mind altering drugs and most artists have sensed another world that is apart from the five-sense world and afterwards referred to the feel world as an illusion. It’s a reflection as in a mirror and the origin of the reflection isn’t visible. The reflection in the mirror is neither real nor unreal, but illusory. It calls a certain reality its own but it’s deceptive in its portrayal of truth. The viewer must be aware that it’s only a reflection in order to see the truth, otherwise, you fall into the snare of the magician.

Mirrors? I suppose you’re going to talk about smoke at some point as well. As a matter of fact….

The magician uses smoke to shield something that’s changing in an ordinary way to make it appear like something appeared, disappeared or transformed in an extra-ordinary way. Likewise, when I think something, there is a great deal of smoke shielding what may be the truth of the matter. I call them mental or human filters. The whole gamut of conditioned thinking, preconceived notions, misconceived notions, personal preferences and hopes can all blow smoke in my face to shield my thinking from the reality going on in the background.

If the entire physical world is a deception, then where did that elephant go that appeared to vanish in a flash? Or, was it never there to begin with? As you’re trying to work it out logically – the magician disappears, then the stage. You grab on to a pillar and close your eyes. You were content in the feel world as it seemed to wrap around you like a blanket and now, knowing it’s smoke and mirrors, you feel it all slipping away. Are you next? Is the role you play lost in the illusion too? If your humanity is a role, who is playing the part of you? Who, or what is the real entity watching you perform as a human; standing behind you amused by your temporal expression full of fears and attachments? When the curtain falls and the play is over, will the watcher leave your cold corpse and move on?

Regarding everything I’ve said so far. . . Izitso? Where did I discover this invisible watcher? It appears that I’ve been alive for six decades but I can prove that that guy isn’t me. There is no debate that Eternity is real. There is no point in time to call “the beginning” and none shall be the end. If there was a beginning point to the universe, what happened before that moment? Knowing that guarantees that I was here throughout eternity passed. It doesn’t matter what form I took, if I had one at all. Wherever and whenever I am conscious, I exist. If it were possible to “not exist” I couldn’t be there could I?

Other telltale signs that I’m an eternal being is my speech. I own a car. It’s my car. I am not the car; I have a car. I also say, “my body” meaning that I am not the body; I have a body. It’s another vehicle. What about my mind? Apparently, I have a mind, so I am not the mind either. My spirit? Who is this person who claims to own every part of me I can think of? Who is doing the thinking? Is it me… or him?

Since the mind, the body and my car were created, there was a time before they were created when they did not exist. If I’ve always existed then ”I” am an awareness that can’t be created or destroyed. It is not attached to any body, intellect or form of any type. What we call spirit comes close to this unseen observer but we must take care not to create a personal spirit. That’s just turning the uncreated into another created thing. The popular religious concept of a spirit that is basically a ghost of our human personality is an obvious ploy to hang on to our humanity for eternity. What we need to do if we want to leave our fantasies behind and perceive our true identity and act from there is to become unattached to our temporary self.

If we want to participate in what’s next after unity awareness, the forerunner to that consciousness is to become less self-centered and embrace the rest of humanity as well as everything else in the universe as having a value equal to this body we seem to be inhabiting. I believe I am not Vin Libassi, correct? I am only looking out through that window in this scene from a play. So, there’s no point in seeing you as part of me. You are just another vehicle in the physical world, but equal in value to the vehicle called Vin. My path is to leave all of it where it belongs and embrace reality – where you and I as separate creatures are part of the scenery. I am the silent, invisible observer of the scene. This perspective breaks down the selfishness that recreates the personal ego and makes it stronger. If I do as the text said and treat you as well as I treat myself, I’m demonstrating that I’m not a slave to this ego that needs so much attention and validation and protection all the time. The more you can deny the ego’s demands and put it in its place as a servant instead of a master, the more you will operate out of a place of unity and encourage that in the world.

Our human capacities are necessary to our everyday experience but they need not be in the foreground of it. The essential shift in awareness is to begin to watch the ego instead of being the ego. Part of it is the idea of thinking about what you’re thinking. Question the reasons you do what you do regularly. Why do I want to tell my friend that? Is it so she’ll have a higher regard for me? Why am I helping this cause? Is it because I want some reward? What is the real point to this argument I’m in the middle of? Try to dig to the source of everything you react to in your standard way. Look for every opportunity to become detached from the process you’re going through and from the result it’s supposed to produce. Be alert to everything that makes the ego prouder, more powerful or just look better to others.

The spirit-directed life would include less analysis and planning, replaced by admitting that you don’t know everything and looking instead to the inspiration of the observer. The more time spent inquiring of the soul to create opportunities for a fulfilling life, the more that will be our experience. What seems like coincidences, good luck and serendipity will become more frequent occurrences. If we ask the question, we should expect an answer. But don’t ask your ego! Sit quietly and think about your purpose in life. Focus on what you are here to give! A voice speaking words inside your head is probably not going to happen, but by faith know that it is you you are communing with. You are asking your divine Self to orchestrate and balance your life. Of course you are going to give yourself that gift! We don’t need to verbalize a detailed, specific description of everything. You already know what you know. The point is to express your overall desires to get the creative process started. For example, don’t ask for a new home. Ask instead that your needs be taken care of so that you can spend all your energy in service to others. Do you know that a new home will be a blessing? Maybe there’s something more profound that you have no knowledge of at this time. Bow to the design of the One Spirit. To ensure creation, align your wants with the plans of the all-knowing Spirit. Be basic. Align with compassion and edification.

Once you make your intentions plain, there is nothing more to do with it than be alert to the doors that spontaneously open. Of course, when the door opens you must go through it. But if you repeatedly labor over a request, it shows that your faith is weak. You don’t need to send a letter twice. Affirm that the Spirit fulfilled the request when you asked it, even though it is still in the invisible. Once a Buddhist rishi was telling western reporters of a great ashram he was going to build. It was a lavish group of buildings with many amenities. Someone asked him where the money for this was coming from. He simply answered, “From wherever it is right now.”

The unity, the oneness, the wholeness that is already real lying beyond our senses, is waiting as pure potential to be released into form as soon as we participate as the creators that we are. To set the music of the spheres playing, we detach from all our vehicles – the intellect, the body, all our other possessions and go within to realize our true person. There is only one. I am, you are, they are all one consciousness. With the man out of the way, we reunite our full attention with our universal, unlimited, pure Self. Now there is no more “we”. There is no more “them” – there is only the great I Am. I realize that all is finished in the spirit. All I need to do is ask the Self what I am here to do. I call into existence all the tools, and all the co-creators who are purposed to the same mission. I acknowledge that what I create is for the good of all, or for the good of one or more others. Now I breathe deeply and rest, knowing it is already conceived. I wait for it to appear from the womb of creation with all confidence that no force on earth can stop it now. It is done.

Stay tuned for Part 3.