After Unity


Part 3

I’ve been discussing the ego quite a bit in this article so I want to clarify what I mean by that as well as illustrate my current dealings with my own ego. I contended that the ego has taken the throne and become my master. I shared candidly that putting the usurper down and bowing instead to the spirit has been two steps forward and one step back, when it isn’t two forward and two back. But what is it, or who is it I’m talking about? Ego is one of those words that we often say without thinking about it, assuming that we know what we mean and we all agree on it. That’s almost never the case. As you might expect, if you’re at all familiar with my writing style, I have come up with a metaphor to illustrate ego, spirit, the physical world and the world of unformed potential.

The one consciousness that I see as the creator of all form, life, light and wisdom is an infinite ocean in this analogy. The ocean represents omnipresence, omniscience and omnipotence. It is eternal as well as infinite. When consciousness expresses the creative desire, “Let there be. . . “ that intent becomes energy that becomes molecules which become physical manifestations. The physical world is like a dam against the ocean. What was unformed potential, now has mass, dimensions and a location in time. Like in our physical world, there is now a place where the ocean is not seen. Instead, there’s a realm where everything appears to be solid and stable.

As creation continues to evolve, we see that the wall of this dam has fashioned some ports with valves to open and close them. Why did consciousness make those? Because it wanted to. There are quite a few of these valves and more are created all the time. Some are wide open and the ocean is pouring through with great force. Some are moderately streaming, others just trickling and some are closed. Imagine each of these valves represents a human. Each one is a channel that brings the consciousness of the ocean into the physical world. The one that is gushing sea water is an individual who has opened herself up to the spirit to the point where she is empty inside. The valve mechanism is out of the way and nothing is obstructing the flow. The one that is partially closed is one who holds back for some reason, be it fear, selfishness, preservation, ignorance or countless other reasons. The ones that are dripping or closed altogether are completely self-absorbed and are either unaware that the ocean even exists or have no interest in participating in the flow.

If the open-close mechanism is the ego, you can see why the ego isn’t evil, it just needs to be about it’s business of channeling water. It needs to be a servant of the ocean. The reason at the root of all struggles in the feel world is that humans identify with the valve and their life revolves around that. The more attention I put on my ego — on my human self — the more it will obstruct the flow of consciousness through me. When my attention is focused away from the physical self toward the totality of the ocean, I become that empty vessel spoken of in so many sacred writings. I become nothing as the writings of Jesus demonstrate.

But what is becoming nothing? It isn’t me. It’s only the ego that I appear as. I am not the ego. It’s only a fixture of the world. My identity is this water that is pouring or trickling through the ego, or it is the water that isn’t flowing through it because I’ve shut it down. When we identify with the valve, that’s what we protect, focus our intents on and develop a personal attachment to. This is how the life of a human becomes small and limited. To assume the identity of the fixture created by the ocean, we limit ourselves to the capacity of the fixture. We evaluate our potential by the flow that is allowed through us. This is living unconsciously. The human is concerned with lack and poverty and insurmountable obstacles based on the trickle of water he sees. He is unaware that he is his own obstacle and can at any time release the force of the ocean within him.

Those enlightened beings who understand they are the entire ocean and only a portion of its force is moving through them, have the pleasure of opening their hearts to the maximum without any fear of running out of energy. They have love and light to share in abundance. The more they give, the more growth there is around them. They don’t worry about the valve that has been their instrument in the world. It is spontaneously cared for by the principle of receiving in the same measure that is given. I don’t know how the ocean orchestrates this Karma, but it never fails. If calamity does come to the valve, what does it matter if you are the ocean?

This illustrates why we must realize our true identity. The drama, fear, conflict and mental noise of being wrapped up in our human identity is shutting us off from our divine potential to some degree. Those who only know their human fixture and put their spiritual self off for a future time in some mystical existence are living in a totally unconscious state, if you can call it living. Those who realize they are the tangible presence of an infinite ocean are awake and alert to a genuine life.

The wisdom of unity awareness allows us to fearlessly pour ourselves into the work of bringing joy, enlightenment and prosperity to everything around us and in distant galaxies. That’s right. Spiritual potential is not space or time bound. The momentum of the ocean can cause ripples anywhere, at any distance. Try meditating about the far side of the planet and consciously influence those who are acting out violently. No need to judge in order to help. They are unconscious. Forgive them, for they know not what they do. Pour your essence into whoever is standing right next to you. If they are living a dark dream, shine the light and have no other response except love.

Unity awareness is self-sustaining. As you serve and instruct others knowing you are serving your own true self, you can have no doubt that your human self is included in whatever you are providing. How that changes our cherished notion of giving unto others. There are no others — only the I am that I am. So I can take no thought for this wonderful faucet called Vin Libassi that I created for the purpose of flooding the earth with the abundant goodness that lives forever behind the dam. I must never lose sight that it is I alone who opens and closes this faucet.

I wonder… since most people call the ocean of consciousness “God” could we call this the God dam?


2 thoughts on “After Unity

  1. I liked your analogy of the ocean as the life force/energy most people seldom understand. People are fixated on the religious idea of a man in a white robe with a beard.


  2. Those are the primary people I’m talking to. Some are religiously inclined but I bet even atheists have that guy in the sky engrained. When somebody says the word “zebra” you can’t not see black and white stripes in your mind.


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