On the Way Home

No matter what I’ve gone through

Or how many errors are now on trial

If a million more mishaps take me to the goal

Then they all have been worthwhile.

This moment is right just as it is.

And will remain so until judgment

Passes it’s shadow upon perfection

Then lost in the night is contentment.

It’s not in the forms but the spirit of them.

She is the lady I can’t live without.

Spirit gives nothingness a life apart

Though we’re one beyond any doubt.

Futile hours not escaping the pain

Wanting half of life’s feeling.

We struggled so long to find the answer.

The answer was ~ to stop struggling.

This moment is perfect just as it is.

To wish it were more is a foolish prayer.

Since we don’t know where we’re headed

Any path will take us there.


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