How Do You Fix a Planet?

I’d love to be part of the discussion on what to do about global warming but nobody will include me ‘cuz I’m just a shmuck. So, here in Vinnyville I’ll ask some questions and take a stab at some answers.

Why can’t I find a job in the allegedly exploding green industries? We’re going to spin our wheels if the business of solar panels and windmills is some elite club of engineers with experience back to the day the windmill was invented.

We have to have a plan for the fossil fuel sector if there’s any hope of transforming the world into a sustainable living space. Obviously, the corporate giants want to keep cranking the oil wells and firing up the mining equipment until we’re all dead since they don’t have a collective brain in their asses. Any ideas how we convince the guy who’s boyhood hero was Lex Luther to disperse his billions in the Caymen Islands into solar panels? I doubt you can make a windmill out of parts from an oil rig. Collecting solar and wind energy is the easy part. The tough stuff is transforming factories, homes, 18-wheelers, etc. into sunlight-burning devices.

Since these top 1% rich A-holes have the government working for them, I guess we need to mastermind an even more unlikely plan that convinces politicians that life is more important than short term wealth. One idea that came to me is to pay them so much money they wouldn’t know what to do with a bribe when it’s offered. I’m talking huge salary. No, not huge, staggering stacks of cash… obscene piles of money… oh, just pay them like they were professional athletes. Another brilliant thought is taking away campaign contributions from the rich A-holes and their super PACs. New law: No TV or radio advertising allowed (The nation cheers!). Candidates can only campaign on a website and donations are limited to a few thousand bucks per entity. The internet is free, at the moment, at least, so anybody could run for office, not just financially endowed A-holes. You could find the candidates that suit you on Hub Sites where you can search out the ideal civil servants using keywords as you now search for the 10 celebrities you didn’t know did prison time. When the election draws near, we would have a list of the most popular candidates according to the people, instead of the ones most popular with the media and rich A-holes.

I hope the number of Climate Change deniers is dwindling as the recent meteorological trends should be sufficient to scare the crap out of all but the staunchest conservative. My plea is: If the solution is to pollute less and stop draining the planet of oil and gas, shouldn’t we do that regardless of the global warming debate? You did see pictures of the air quality in China, right? Again, the hard question is: How do we drastically decrease the polluting we’re creating without causing financial collapse?

Final thought of the day: We can’t just keep asking questions. Somebody has the solutions buried in their consciousness beneath a pile of insignificant social trash that fills our heads through the constant stream of propaganda flowing out of our smart phones, computers and televisions. Is it you? If you were asked the save the planet, what could you come up with? You might have to look up from your phone for a moment and think. Remember thinking? We did that in the days of old before others did the thinking for us. Our beliefs are now provided by social media and paid for by the A-holes that are building the world around their beliefs, such as, Whoever dies with the most toys, wins.


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